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Luxury Elite Spits

Cute, affectionate, playful and funny... How many epithets can be picked up for this breed of dog! Pomeranian Spitz conquered more than one heart. He accompanies you at a social event, lifts your spirits after a hard day's work and gives a lot of positive emotions. Do you dream to get such a shaggy friend or want to surprise your loved one? Then to buy a decorative dog through the Luxury Elite of Pomeranian spitz, will be the most correct decision!

Love of puppies

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In our family, you can buy exclusive representatives of the most glamorous Pomeranian breed.

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In our family, you can buy exclusive representatives of the most glamorous Pomeranian breed.

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In our family, you can buy exclusive representatives of the most glamorous Pomeranian breed.

The sale of mini dogs is our main specialty. Elite family tried to create the best conditions for cooperation for customers. We guarantee - you will find only thoroughbred pets. Each mini puppy has a genuine pedigree, receives only quality nutrition and is vaccinated according to the established requirements. In the transaction, you get all the necessary documents, indicating the thoroughbred animal and proper care of it.

Not all kennels of Spitz in New York guarantee reasonable prices for puppies. But it's not about us. Elite Family tries to form an adequate price policy for United States so that you can buy the Pomeranian Spitz inexpensively. See for yourself: check out the photos of puppies on the site, specify the cost and choose your favorite shaggy friend. We try to satisfy the wishes of all customers, so we offer dogs in different colors:

  • White;

  • Creamy;

  • Brown;

  • Black.

Mom, girlfriend, daughter, wife or sister - for each you can pick up and buy a puppy. Glamorous girl appreciates the baby cream color, which looks elegant in a small pink handbag. The child will like the bright dwarf spitz orange, associated with energy and restless games. The white puppy will enjoy the exquisite low-key lady. Such a cut will captivate everyone around with its beauty, emphasizing the validity and refined taste of the hostess.

Why us?

Everyone can find a pet store or farms in New York of United States, then buy thoroughbred puppies at a bargain price - the task is not easy. ELITE FAMILY has made sure to create better conditions for cooperation. In conjunction with the purchase of the puppy, documentation is provided confirming his pedigree, however we sell our puppies as pets only. 

In addition, we guarantee:

  • Help in choosing - our experts will advise Spitz, which fully meets your ideas about the ideal pet;

  • Full information - you will always be aware of the features of the care of the Spitz;

  • consultations - at any time contact a specialist nursery and clarify the issues related to the puppy.

Now do not have to go around all the nurseries of Spitz in New York or other States in order to search for the perfect Pomeranian Spitz. At ELITE FAMILY you can buy a puppy ready to become your faithful friend. Read the information on the website or contact an employee of the nursery of mini spitz in New York. We will help with the purchase of a pet and answer any questions!​


Elite Family

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