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How to choose puppy

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Choice criteria

To know how to choose a Pomeranian Spitz, it is worth delving into the details. But owning the necessary information, you certainly do not come across scammers. Dogs of this breed are very popular, and there are many who want to enrich themselves by issuing a low-breed animal for elite. So, first of all, you need to see the puppy well, paying attention to the following criteria:

  • growth.

  • weight.

  • head.

  • ears.

  • Jaw.

  • eyes.

  • wool.

  • Color.

  • tail.

  • Paws.

Dwarf Spitz grows up to 20 centimeters ± 2 cm. The weight of the dog varies from 1.36 to 2 or more kg.

Imperial Elite Farm sells exclusive "glamorous" puppies. Here you will acquire the most representative pet.

Let's take a closer look at all the nuances that will tell you exactly how to choose the Spitz.

Puppy head

There are three types of pet muzzle:

  • ​​Bearish

  • Foxy (long nose)

  • Toy

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Choose any color that you like. White, Brown and cream are the most popular.

The main signs of a healthy animal

Buying a pet, everyone wants a lovely fluffy "bump" fully meets the standards of the breed and was beautiful in appearance. However, it is very important that the "tailed friend" has good health. This is the key to his longevity, and the owner will avoid the grueling and expensive treatment of the bought dog. If there are children in the house where the pet will live, the sick puppy is a danger.

When choosing a healthy animal, it is important that:

  • The hair type looked well-groomed;

  • There were no irritations or rashes on the skin;

  • there were no crusts or discharges on the nose, and it was slightly moist;

  • there were no abundant sweats from the eyes;

  • the mucous membranes of the mouth had a pink tint;

  • puppy was moderately fat and by no means thin.

To buy an accurately a healthy dog, it is necessary to address only to proven breeders who not only seek to earn money on breeding elite animals, but also put in their business soul, have enough experience, knowledge and are decent. ELITE FARM is happy to help find an elite dwarf puppy with strong health, which will be your reliable "companion" and a faithful friend for years to come.​

Pomeranian or, as it is called mini Spitz is, first of all, a very beautiful and charming dog. Representatives of this breed are always devoted to their masters, but not intrusive. Pomeranians literally fill the space around them with positivity. They are also smart, affectionate towards other animals, famous for their friendly and compliant nature. Pets are easy to train, and teach them a pleasure.

Puppies subtly feel the psychological and emotional state of the person. They begin to notice early how happy others are when the fluffy dog walks on the same hind legs and gladly demonstrate this skill. In general, if you decided to buy such a pet, you definitely will not regret. It is only important to know how to choose a puppy Pomeranian Spitz, so that you get a really elite four-legged friend.

Determined the purpose to buy the puppy

First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of acquisition. Why does it matter? First, it largely determines your future lifestyle. Looking for a simple pet?  Depending on why you need a dog, respectively, you have to enjoy life and communication with the pet, or devote their time to the creation of the offspring of puppies. 

Growth of puppy

Any decent breeder will not sell a pet under the age of two months, and better - three. Until then, puppies have weak immunity and are likely to get sick.

Selling an animal at an early age is dangerous for its mental health. Also, the older the dog, the clearer it is, how it will grow up. The tiny puppy is not able to eat on its own, so its purchase is fraught with problems with food and toilet.

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Do not know how to choose a puppy Pomeranian Spitz with a bear-type muzzle? Just pay attention to the toothbrushes - they should be covered with dense fluffy hair. This makes puppies look like funny cubs.

The head of the animal should be small, have a wedge-shaped shape. At the same time there is a characteristic (but not pronounced) transition - from the frontal part to the muzzle. The ears of the Pomeranian Spitz are standing, triangular in shape. They should be planted high and close enough to each other.

Medium-sized dark brown eyes have a shape resembling a cast. The animal has a small, slightly elongated jaw, not much pointed. Another trait - a scissor bite. Let's also say straight. Premolars may be present.

Body and Hair type

The tail of the representatives of this breed is very fluffy. It fits snugly to the back in the form of a ring, high enough planted. Straight paws are characterized by shortened and well-puffed shins. Pomeranians have a double-haired cover. It is a long straight hair extension that ends with a short and soft backfed. The coat is shiny and lush, it should not fit to the body. The tail and hind legs are more fluffy than the sides and back. The neck is decorated with a rich "collar."

Which color of puppy to choose?

The color of the animals deserves special attention. It's important that it's solid. Before you choose a puppy Spitz, decide with the desired color in advance. The breed standard provides for 5 main variations. The pet can be:

  • White;

  • Black;

  • Creamy;

  • Brown;

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Before buying a puppy as a present it is worth making sure that neither the future owner nor other households have an allergy to the hair of pets, as well as the availability of funds not only for the purchase, but also for the further maintenance of the pet. After all, Pomeranian Spitz is the most expensive breed of dog and it is really a "royal" gift.

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