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Maintenance, Care, feeding Pomeranian Spitz

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Only the owners decide how to feed the Pomeranian Spitz. However, it is recommended that you choose one of the following ways:

  1. Exceptionally natural products. This may include boiled eggs, poultry, giblets, beef, veal, fish, cereals, some fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir and greens. Be sure to try to correctly calculate the necessary daily norm and buy only the freshest products, without chemicals and preservatives. It is strictly forbidden to give the Pomeranian raw meat and fish, fried, smoked, salted, chocolate, bread, citrus fruits.

  2. Mixed feeding: natural products combined with super-premium food. When choosing this diet for your pet, you need to consider that the food should be alternated, and not give both types at once. And in what order to eat Pomeranian Spitz - depends on the choice of the owners.

  3. The food is super-premium quality. When choosing a dry food should stop on this particular food. The feed should be of super-premium quality as they are fully balanced and contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. They are the perfect food for the Pomeranian Spitz. Thanks to this feed, many health problems can be avoided: obesity, hair loss, fangs and other things.

Just in case, before feeding pets it is recommended to consult with the veterinarian in advance. And how many times a day you have to give food - depends on the age of the dog. It is customary to feed as follows:

  • up to three months - five times a day;​

  • up to six months - four times;

  • up to ten months - three times a day

And then it is customary to give food to the dog twice a day. In addition, when feeding should take into account and her lifestyle, health, temperament, weight and so on.​

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Before you buy a small puppy Pomeranian Spitz, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic criteria of care and feeding of this breed of dogs. In addition, you should decide whether you will be able to provide all the necessary conditions for his residence. Caring for the Pomeranian Spitz must be impeccable. And then the pet will thank his owners for the wonderful attitude to him.

Dogs of this breed are among the smallest, but because of the thick wool seem more than in reality there is. Therefore, the care of the puppy Pomeranian Spitz should be carried out with special care until it is fully strengthened. For example, it is important to make sure that the dog does not climb to the height (bed, ladder, chair) or be careful and accidentally in the process of moving do not step on it. All these actions can lead to serious injuries. And if there are also small children living in the apartment, they should also be taught how to handle these dogs.

How to provide the puppy with a full meal?

Feeding the Pomeranian Spitz also occupies a special place in his life. It's so tiny. And so his ventricle can not digest any food. Feeding should be carefully monitored, so that later there were no serious diseases. However, if suddenly there are signs of upset stomach, then you do not need to be scared - experts believe that it is associated with getting used to new food or liquid. The process does not last long - not more than a week. However, this is not always the case. Most members of this breed rarely feel discomfort, and from the first days feel good.

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Hygiene procedures of pomeranians

Caring for the fur of the Pomeranian Spitz, first of all, is associated with grooming. With regular procedure, the pet looks stylish and fluffy. Grooming prevents wool drop-out and the formation of tangles. And to calculate the dog should be against the growth of hairs. This procedure should be started from one month, but not dry wool, so as not to accidentally damage it, and pre-soaked with air conditioning or water.

The content of the Pomeranian Spitz necessarily implies its bathing. However, this hygienic procedure should not be performed frequently to keep the wool in good quality. Periodically you need to use dry shampoo, which perfectly cleans the dirt accumulated in the hairs. And be sure to comb your pet before bathing. And to dry it is recommended with a conventional hair dryer, directing against the growth of wool.

Prevention and treatment for parasites

Be sure to care for the Pomeranian Spitz should carry out regular prevention of the appearance of parasites. Every thirty days it is important to process wool from fleas, and every three months to vaccinate against worms. Of course, these procedures should be carried out after consultation with the veterinarian.

Many cynologists know how to care for Pomeranian Spitz - they need to periodically raise their blood sugar levels by injecting glucose or serving sweet water. Many tiny dogs have such an unpleasant phenomenon as hypoglycemia. The decrease in blood sugar is due to the fact that they eat little, with poor quality of food and other things. If the dog has become less active, sluggish, you need to urgently give it sweetness or introduce glucose under the skin.

Following such simple advice, you will get from the puppy only joy and devotion.

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