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Payment, delivery, guarantees

Terms of sale  (guarantees)

Pomeranian Spitz puppies are sold with microchip and documents: international ancestry FCI and veterinary paper based with vaccinations.

We don't imagine puppies as a show or a breed class. The puppy can only have a prospect at the time of sale, according to the breeder. We can not guarantee the puppy show and breed career, as well as the ability to reproduce, we can only assume its development.

The puppy is sold "as it is" with all the risks associated with the development and growth of a living organism. The seller does not give a guarantee on the bite after the change of teeth, on the growth of the sold dog, on other changes in its exterior in the process of growth, which may affect its prospects in breeding and participation in exhibitions.

We guarantee that the puppy is fully healthy at the time of sale. And also, we guarantee that the puppy is not sick with viral diseases (plague, viral hepatitis, parvovirus, adenomyosis).

We are not responsible for the genetic diseases of the animal that appeared after the sale. For all physical, mental defects associated with maintenance (care, upbringing, feeding, veterinary care, etc.) of the dog, which have arisen since the handover of the dog to the Buyer, the breeder (Seller) is not responsible.

We are not responsible for the illness or death of a dog from mistreatment or an accident.

The buyer is obliged to study the standard of the dog's breed and the possible risks associated with diseases, to which the dog chosen by the buyer is inclined, before buying the dog.

The buyer has the right to independently check the puppy at the veterinarian and make sure that he does not have abnormalities.

Buying a puppy from us, you get professional help and advice.

All claims about the health of the dog, not related to viral diseases, we are ready to listen within two days after the dog has left our home and with the mandatory conclusion of a qualified veterinarian.

Making a deposit for the puppy The Buyer confirms that he has familiarized himself and accepts these conditions.

The purchase agreement is available:

Agreement document


Payment for a particular puppy (available):

  • The puppy is considered reserved if a deposit is made for it (if the deposit is not made, the puppy is not withdrawn from sale).

  • The amount of the deposit is 50% of the value of the puppy.

  • If the buyer refuses the final settlement and from the puppy reserved by him, the deposit is not subject to return.

  • If the seller refuses the deal, and the puppy was deposited, he returns in full.

  • The full payment must be made at the time of the puppy being handed over to the Buyer.

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We are looking for you puppy based on your preferences

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Health guarantee

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Return the deposit if the buyer does not like puppy

Order of the puppy:

  • We take a deposit of 10% (minimum $500) from the cost of the puppy - to understand that you are a real customer.

  • We do not bring puppies "pre order" without a deposit.

  • We are looking for you puppy based on your preferences and send options.

  • We only bring the puppy you choose.

  • We fully return the deposit if we could not find you a puppy. Also, we fully return the deposit if you do not like the puppy.

  • We fully check and guarantee the health of the puppies brought. Puppies are in our quarantine, undergo a full examination of the veterinarian and revaccination. In case of disease detection in the puppy - the deposit is returned completely or we are looking for a replacement.


We are happy if the client comes to get the puppy on his own. But we can also deliver the puppy to you if you do not have such an opportunity to come for him.

Delivery is not included in the price of the puppy and is carried out by the road. We deliver puppies in person and hand them over to you. At the same time, you still have the option to give up the puppy, if something is not satisfied with you (in the case of refusal of the puppy is charged only for delivery).

Delivery is possible in the State of New York and New Jersey.

Delivery is paid before sending the puppy. 

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box-carrying, puppy food, clothing (if necessary) - free

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Payment delivery - 50$

taxi 2.jpg

Transport - 25$

(depends on the distance)

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