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Pomeranian Spitz

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Features of appearance

The sale of Spitz puppies is very common in New York and other other states. The authenticity of the breed is evidenced not only by the price of the dog and documents about elite parents, but also by its appearance. Therefore, choosing an animal, it is important not to make a mistake and buy the right puppy. Make this, it is worth contacting the proven kennels, which for many years are engaged in breeding and selling dogs. ELITE FAMILY is such an institution.

Pomeranian Spitz is a friendly animal that has a compact physique, body strength, endurance and energy. The main features of the puppy appearance are:

  • small, pointed standing ears;

  • a snout resembling a snout;

  • thick, straight and hard elongated wool with a thick bump (evenly covers the body, grows exactly vertically, creating a luxurious collar, lush ouches on the forearms, chic "pants" on the hips, forms a swollen tail);

  • Proportional size of the puppy head, its shape - wedge-shaped, the
    transition to the forehead is clearly expressed;

  • white, strong teeth with scissor-shaped or straight bite.

 IMPERIAL FAMILY offers to buy a puppy Pomeranian Spitz, which fully meets all standards of the breed. Here you will buy kids who will become great friends of your children. Here you can buy puppies of all existing colors. We offer both popular (white, brown, cream, orange), and exclusive (black, dark brown) options.​

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It is also necessary to clean the ears and eyes regularly, as they are especially susceptible to the development of infection. Spies periodically need to brush teeth and trim claws. Animals love active walks and fun games, so be sure to buy different balls and toys, which you can take a puppy for a while.

One of the important processes of caring for a baby Pomeranian dwarf Spitz - the training of the animal to the tray. This is very convenient, if it is cold outside or you do not have time to walk your pet, it will be able to satisfy the "call of nature" yourself. Of course, the puppy will not learn to do it in one day. Adhering to the recommendations of experienced breeders and showing perseverance and patience, you will be able to teach the animal to go to the toilet on diapers.

Elite Puppies in ELITE FAMILY

Our family offers to buy luxury puppies Pomeranian spit from leading nurseries from all over the world. We will help to find the desired baby of the right color and guarantee that he will be fully healthy. Experienced breeders will give detailed recommendations about the care, development and evaluation of the puppy's health.

Contact ELITE FAMILY to find out the exact cost of an exclusive royal pet, see its photos, explore the pedigree and other documents. We are happy to deliver a devoted and loyal friend not only in New York, but also in other states such as New Jersey, Bronx, State Island of United State.

Breed of dogs, which causes admiration, attracts the views of others, has incredible charisma and beauty - dwarf Pomeranian Spitz. These puppies have a kind of elegant charm that makes them unique among other representatives of pets. In addition to the magnificent appearance, they have excellent character, exceptional intellectual abilities, are distinguished by affection and kindness. ELITE FAMILY offers to buy not just a puppy Pomeranian Spitz and buy a real friend and family pet. This baby will win your heart as soon as you take it in your hands. Soft fur coat and trusting good eyes will not leave indifferent. Pomeranian Spitz puppies are a great purchase for their family, as well as a delightful gift to a child or girlfriend.

A little story about how the Pomeranian mini-Spitz appeared

The name of the breed comes from one of the historical regions of Germany - Pomerania. It was there that these puppies appeared in the 18th century, but the first animals were quite large and weighed up to 14 kg. As a result of careful selection over time there was a dwarf Spitz, which weighs a maximum of 5-6 kg. These miniature dogs were favorites of famous figures: Empress Catherine, Marie Antoinette, Emile Sol and many others.

The particular popularity of the breed of dwarf Pomeranian Spitz gained in 1888, when queen Victoria delivered a puppy named Marco from Florence to England. Already in the early 90s of the 19th century during the exhibition of Kraft several breeders created an English club of dwarf Pomeranian Spitz. Here, the standard indicators of the breed appeared and were approved.

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The nature of the Pomeranian Spitz

Mini Spitz is a dog for active personalities who are ready to devote a lot of time to their pet. For comfortable growth and development of animals need socialization. These are very devoted kids who will not trade the attention and love of their master for anything.

Puppies of Pomeranian Spitz perfectly find a common language with children, so the appearance of such a dog in the family will help the child to feel responsible, to develop independence. Puppies of Pomeranian Spitz perfectly find a common language with children, so the appearance of such a dog in the family will help the child to feel responsible, to develop independence.

The price of a puppy Pomeranian mini Spitz is big enough, not every resident of the country can afford to buy such a friend. But those whose family is replenished with this cute creature, quickly forget about the spent finances, rejoicing in the fun antics of the baby. Do not miss the opportunity and you to get a lot of positive, enthusiasm, fun and activity. It is enough to buy a charming fluffy puppy.

How to care for the Spitz

It may seem that caring for a baby requires a lot of knowledge and skills. In fact, this process does not take more than 15 minutes a day and brings pleasure to both owners and pets. The first thing that requires constant care is the magnificent wool of the Pomeranian Spitz. That it is not confused and did not get into lumps, the puppy should be combed every day. Bathing the dog is worth it as the animal is contaminated using a special shampoo.

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