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How to train a puppy to the tray

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Everything has it's time

Miniature pets of this breed can be accustomed to cope with the need in different places, for example:

  • On the tray;​

  • To the street;

  • on the diaper.

When buying a puppy Spitz ask what conditions are accustomed to the pet. It is recommended that for the first time to observe them, so that the animal as quickly as possible adapted to the new environment.

If the skill is not yet mastered, it is better to start with the diaper. During the training, remove the carpets from the shelter, so that the animal does not urinate on them. After all, for their "purposes" they instinctively look for a surface that absorbs moisture.

You may not have to delve into how to accustom Spitz to a diaper if it's already accustomed to it. You will only need to buy it in a pharmacy or a pet store. It is even better to immediately take a tutu and cover the entire floor in the apartment. Then if the pet copes with the need is not in the right place, the diaper can be safely removed and thrown away. But don't forget to bed a new one.

Even if you follow the recommendations of how to accustom Spitz to the diaper, do not expect from the pet instant result. Puppies under 6-9 months are not yet considered adults, so it is impossible to require full obedience from them. After the animal gets used to the diaper, it will be time to master the tray.

Has Spitz settled in your house? Want to accustom your elite puppy to the toilet? ELITE FARM is happy to share valuable recommendations on mastering the skill. If you are just looking after the pet, we will help to choose and buy the cutest puppy.

Be patient and persistent

Pomeranian Spitz - a miniature dog, which with its charm conquers the owners from the first moment of appearance in the new house. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of such a charming pet, in your life immediately will be more positive emotions. This little fluffy "lump" brings a lot of joy and a minimum of trouble. Among the main concerns associated with the appearance of a pet in the house - the need to teach him to go to the toilet. The breed's representatives are smart and easy to learn new skills. Therefore, each owner will be able to accustom Spitz to the tray, having only a little patience and having the necessary information.

Puppies Pomeranian or, as is often called a breed, mini Spitz are famous for their small growth. An adult dog grows up to about 20 centimeters and can safely go to the toilet at home, not on the street. How to accustom Spitz to the tray knows every breeder and often sells puppies already with acquired skills.

But if you bought a pet at an early age - up to two or three months - you may have to personally train the dog. Also, once in a new environment, the animal can be confused and forget previously mastered skills. Therefore, its owner will have to learn how to accustom Spitz to the toilet on their own.

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