Vaccination of the spits is necessary to protect a four-legged pet from infections. Lack of regular vaccinations can lead to diseases that will haunt the animal throughout life. And what could be worse than the torment of a precious pet who needs your care and protection, giving in return boundless devotion and adoration?

Features of the procedure

Elite puppies of the mini Spitz need full care, which involves bathing, haircuts, combing. This will preserve the beauty and splendor of the breed. But these procedures are not enough to guarantee good health and longevity. Vaccinations of the Spitz will help to avoid the development of dangerous diseases. The main rule is not to save on the vaccine. Buying a pet in an elite nursery Elite farm, experts inform about what vaccinations should be done to the puppy Spitz, and with what regularity to conduct deworming. The presented rules apply to all types of mini Spitz:

  1. Choose vaccines for small breeds of dogs.

  2. Choose the dosage under the weight of puppies.

  3. Conduct a 10-day deworming course before being vaccinated.

  4. Exclude walking for 2 weeks after the procedure.

  5. Follow the schedule and do not change the type of drug.

A number of recommendations have been supplemented by other tips. The most important of these is the rule at what age the Spitz are vaccinated. The first vaccination takes place after 45 days of birth. The second is in 2-3 months. Some drug manufacturers report the need for revaccination, which is carried out 2-3 weeks after the first vaccination.

To avoid an allergic reaction, special drugs are used to relieve the animal from lethargy, irritation, itching and other consequences. After 6 months it is necessary to get vaccinated against rabies. The frequency of this procedure is once a year.